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         More Information Green: I've yet to train myself to speak and Think 
VRP: It's so not in my language to use Green. Green: I've yet to train myself to speak and Think "In The Green".
Saying that an "it" is "not in" my language has as yet to acknowledge my response-ability (responsibility) for choosing to slow down my speaking and simultaneously choose to expend the mental effort to say descriptively (using Observations, Feelings, Thoughts, Wants) whatever I may wish to say. Speaking Green Language (or any other new-to-me language) is an ability that I will grow into by starting out and "going for it". Challenge yourself to remember what you want to say while considering how to say it "Green". Try exploring the various pages and links on the site to see "Green" vs. "Red" (VRP) examples, and then road-test them in daily life.

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