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         Family Member Interactions  
Family Member Interactions

Children that receive this kind of stuff from adults could grow up with the same abusive habits. The database of abusive experience can strongly impact current and future behavior. Learn how Green Language helps you break free from these chains.

VRP: Your chores are not done. more Green: You have yet to complete the chores listed on the kitchen white board. more

VRP: You are so lazy! And you will never get anywhere if you just lay around and play video games! more Green: When I have seen you playing video games until dinner and then have heard you say that you were too tired to study, I have felt frustrated and angry. I think that you could complete your homework and projects each day with about one hour of dedicated study time with the TV off. Please tell me if you will do that, and I would like you tell me if you will do that this week. more

VRP: You cannot do anything right, and you never remember anything. more Green: You put the dishes into the dishwasher with dried egg on them rather than pre-wash them with the sponge as I showed you yesterday. more

VRP: You need to do your homework. more Green: I want you to complete your algebra assignment before you go to the ball game. more

VRP: Your room is a mess. more Green: I see toys, books, candy wrappers, socks, mud, and clothes on the floor. more

VRP: Am I the only one around here that notices when things need to be done? more Green: I have shut the front door three times in ten minutes. I'm frustrated. Please shut it each time when you enter or leave. more

VRP: How is it that you think that you don't have to help us out around here? more Green: I am frustrated and angry.

I have washed three sinks of dishes and washed and folded three loads of clothes this evening.

Since this afternoon you have been filling the sink with the dishes that you have used and have been stepping over the piles of laundry.

I would like you to tell me if you consider yourself to be responsible for washing any dishes and cleaning any clothes.

VRP: People that think the way that you think are the kind of people I try to avoid. more Green: When I heard you say, "Why should I do anything for you, I don't get paid," I felt sad, angry, frustrated, and hurt. If you are asked again, I would like you to say how you are feeling and what you are wanting. more

VRP: I feel burdened by always having to be the one who takes care of her when she's sick. more Green: I have felt frustrated when you have told me that you couldn't take time off when Sara has been ill and stayed home from school. more

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