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Team Edserve Inc.
John & Jamie Tompkins
4377 First Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566
925 846 8653   Fax 925 846 8739
John Tompkins, MFT #7323. John is a counselor for individuals, families, and corporate work teams. Using Green Language approaches, John trains his clients to grow and prosper in relationships that are free of blame and drama.  This web site displays some Green Language solutions to everyday life communication challenges.

John developed the Green Language Communication approach in response to real life observations and experiences.  A graduate of Stanford University, he is an ordained minister and a psychotherapist, husband to Jamie, father to six children, and consultant to major corporations and government facilities. John's favorite work is helping children who face major challenges. To them this site is dedicated.

This site is developed and hosted by Mark & Marsha Jones for our good friends the Tompkins.

Marsha uses her site, Cyberlessons, in a middle school class room for Health, Science and Student's Multi Media experiences.  

Mark (email) is an interactive/web site designer. Other similar sites are, a controlled environment where Educators, Health Care givers and Organization Leaders can post requests for Volunteers that are recognized and have clearance to work with children and patients. draws information from a database focused on the User's request. All of these pages are a reflection of information developed on-line and stored in a master database. John, and others in the Green Language Team, have an opportunity, from any machine, to add or edit this display. These leaders are now able to share their experiences and human kindness with so many others in the need. 

We have found great comfort and emerged fulfilled from our personal experiences with John's guidance and tutelage for application of his Green Language. It is an honor to work with John & Jamie to bring this message to the Internet. 

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