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Observations, Feelings, Thoughts, Wants. Being conscious of oneself, in the Green, in the be-here-now moment.
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Feelings are emotions and sensations, events that are going on inside oneself. They are personal spontaneous emotional and sensory events giving oneself information about how well one is doing in taking care of his or her needs. An active "fluency in the language of feelings" is essential to optimum performance living.

It is possible to feel, for example, happy or sad, however it would be VRP language to say, "I don't feel happy" or, "I feel pushed away" or, "I don't feel cared for."

VRP: I am not happy. more Green: I feel sad. more

VRP: I feel rejected by you. more Green: I feel lonely. more

VRP: I feel cheated. more Green: I feel angry. more

VRP: I do not feel trusted by you. more Green: I feel embarrased hearing you say that you believe that I lied to you. more

VRP: I feel so invaded and vulnerable. more Green: I'm afraid that since I've gotten this diagnosis there might be more bad news to come. more

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