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         More Information VRP: I feel burdened by always having to be the one who takes care of her when she's sick. 
VRP: I feel burdened by always having to be the one who takes care of her when she's sick. Green: I have felt frustrated when you have told me that you couldn't take time off when Sara has been ill and stayed home from school.
Feelings are emotions and sensations. "Burdened", rather than being a Feeling, is a judgment. It is a Thought that is being claimed by the speaker to be a Feeling. Further adding to the VRP drama is the causal, "by". The speaker is claiming Victim status saying that he/she has been "burdened by" the other person. As with other Victim-type statements, the speaker is simultaneously a Persecutor.

"Always" and "having to be" in the statement are additional examples of Victim -- Persecutor judgments. Speaking in the present tense here about past events implies "badness" about the other person with the assumption that he/she will operate that "bad" way in the future.
The Green here is in the statement of an actual Feeling (frustrated) about the occasions that have happened previously (Observations in the past tense -- allowing room for possible future change).

A possible Want statement that might follow could be something such as: "I would like to sit down with you this evening and brainstorm different ways to trade-off her care if she were to get sick again.

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