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Observations, Feelings, Thoughts, Wants. Being conscious of oneself, in the Green, in the be-here-now moment.
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Observations are statements of what is (or has been) really there, factually present. They are reports of events that exist (or have existed) in space/time. Making Observations is reporting objective facts, making descriptive statements that can be verified with the senses.

Observations are the "what is" of existence, factual statements free of judgmental labeling. Therefore, if a video documentation could be made of something, then what would be recorded would meet the definition of an Observation. For example, it is possible to make an Observation of a man wearing a dress shirt with an open collar. It is equally possible to cite a formal dress code at a location or event. However, it would be stated in VRP language and potentially judgmental to tell someone that he, "isn't wearing a necktie," or "should be" wearing a necktie, or "isn't dressed properly."

VRP: You did not stay and talk with me. more Green: You walked out of the room while I was talking. more

VRP: You wasted your money on that car. more Green: The car you bought for $10,000 has 180 thousand miles on the odometer, cord showing through on the tires, a cracked windshield, a salvage sticker on it, a leaking headgasket and water pump, and a clamp squeezing down on a brake line. more

VRP: You didn't consider the cost of repairs. more Green: Any possible future repair costs on the vehicle will be in addition to the purchase price and the cost of registration and insurance. more

VRP: You were nice to her yesterday. more Green: Thanks for holding out your hand when Grandma was getting out of the car. more

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