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Someone operating from a "Persecutor View of Reality" stance will often think of himself or herself as being persecuted, in other words, being a Victim.

The Persecutor sees himself as Rescuing himself or someone else from the behavior of some other person.

Thus, the Persecutor may think of himself as a Rescuer of a third party, actually Persecuting the person whom he considers to be making that third party a Victim.

People behaving as Persecutors deep inside likely view themselves as having low worth and as a result attempt to Rescue themselves through a controlling, judging, and authoritian style.

Stephen B. Karpman, M.D. was the first to identify the "Drama Triangle": Karpman, S. (1968). Fairy tales and script drama analysis. Transactional Analysis Bulletin, 7(26), 39-43.

VRP: A 44 inch waist and 28 inch leg? You should have grown UP! more Green: I recall a farmer with a 44 - 28 pair of jeans. more

VRP: If I have to stop this car, you kids are not going to like it! more Green: Kids! When we left the house I asked you to stay on your own sides of the seat and keep your hands, legs, feet, arms, drool, and posessions to yourselves. more

VRP: You'd better get this done immediately! And don't mess up! more Green: Our team leader has set the goal for this group to complete this effort in two weeks rather than the four weeks spent on the previous project. more

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