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Observations, Feelings, Thoughts, Wants. Being conscious of oneself, in the Green, in the be-here-now moment.
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Thinking in the Green Language model is a way of looking at the world. Thoughts are considered to be all mental activities, for example, exercising memory, anticipating outcomes, cause and effect reasoning, speculating, hunching, wondering.

Saying what one thinks rather than what one "does not" think (VRP) is one of the four basic elements or essences of the "be here now moment."

VRP: I don't think I'll get the report completed today. more Green: I think that I will finish the text today and print the graphs tomorrow. more

VRP: I forgot my keys. more Green: I remembered that my keys were inside after I locked the door. more

VRP: I don't think that she considers anyone's needs but her own. more Green: I think that she has acted primarily in her own interests. more

VRP: This illness should be happening to people who take worse care of themselves than I have! more Green: I have been thinking that I have had more control of my health than I actually have. more

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