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Observations, Feelings, Thoughts, Wants. Being conscious of oneself, in the Green, in the be-here-now moment.
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Wants are statements of actions that I would like done by anyone, including myself. A Want is identifying an action, a specific action, a behavior that can be mentally pictured as a deed being performed by myself or someone else.

It is Green Language to tell someone that I Want (or, "would like") for her to show me the documents before mailing them.

It is VRP to say to her, "I don't want you to mail them before showing them to me," or, "I want you to do the right thing," or, "I do not want you to mess up this time."

VRP: Don't hit your brother. more Green: If you are angry with your brother, I want you to keep your hands to yourself and tell him what he did and how you feel. more

VRP: I want to lose weight. more Green: For the next twelve weeks I want to eat only a variety of fresh fruits until noon, different kinds of fresh vegetable salads free of dressing for lunch, and plain pastas and pastas with chicken for dinner. more

VRP: I want you to be nice to the customers. more Green: I want you to look up and say, "Hello". more

VRP: Don't make me tell you this again. more Green: I would like you to do this now, and I want you to call me at my office at four o'clock this afternoon. more

VRP:I don't want to let the receiver get behind me. more Green: I want to keep the receiver in front of me. more

VRP: Don't go before the snap! more Green: Move only when the ball moves! more

VRP: Don't you think you should put on a clean shirt before we go out tonight? more Green: Tonight I'd like you wear the shirt that you got for your birthday. I'm wondering if that would be OK with you. more

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