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Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor, the VRP triangle, roles are dynamic and move from person to person in conflict situations. Adult yelling and saying hurful words to a child. Observations, Feelings, Thoughts, Wants. Being conscious of oneself, in the Green, in the be-here-now moment.
To portray oneself as a Victim is to attempt to enlist someone to Rescue oneself from some Persecutor. Note that this portrayal makes the "Victim" now a blaming Persecutor of the original so-called "Persecutor" (who is now the newest Victim in the drama). Someone else is to blame for their situtation and their unhappiness.
A "Victim" will be free of genuine problem-solving. They may put themselves down (at times in a sarcastic-passive-agressive way) while at the same time failing to genuinely acknowledge their own errors or shortcomings.
Red: You cannot do anything right, and you never remember anything.

Green: You put the dishes into the dishwasher with dried egg on them rather than pre-wash them with the sponge as I showed you yesterday.

Children that receive this kind of stuff from adults could grow up with the same abusive habits. The database of abusive experience can strongly impact current and future behavior. Learn how Green Language helps you break free from these chains.
Green Language describes what is real in our lives rather than labels or judges any event, process, or person. The use of Green Language activates the prefrontal cortex and related areas in the human brain and steers the attention of speakers and hearers into the be-here-now moment, the moment where choices for goal-directed action are made. To live Green is to live "owning," aware that I am responsible, (response-able) for my own choices while fostering conditions for others to experience the same awareness. This results in one being "in-control" rather than being "control-ing".
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