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         More Information VRP: You did not stay and talk with me. 
VRP: You did not stay and talk with me. Green: You walked out of the room while I was talking.
Saying something that someone "did not do" is yet to be a report of something concrete, that is, something that a camera (if present) could record.

Such a statement therefore requires that the receiver of the message guess to "fill in the blank" as to what the speaker is intending.

What will likely be the "fill in" by the hearer will be some sort of a "should" message (VRP) or a "should not" message (VRP), making conflict more likely.
Observations are concrete events that have space and time existance.

For example: I can Observe someone facing out of a window. To say that he or she, "is refusing to look at me" is a labeling (VRP) of that behavior rather than a factual statement of what the person is actually doing. Similarly, to say that he or she is "not looking" at me or "will not" look at me is also labeling (VRP).

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