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         More Information VRP: Why can't I go? You always let Billy! 
VRP: Why can't I go? You always let Billy! Green: I'm frustrated. Whenever he has asked, you have let him go each time.
The question-mark sentence is a Victim statement that also is a Persecutor operation demanding an answer.

Saying in the present tense, "You always let Billy," is a statement about the past that presents the speaker as a Victim of, "is, was, and always will be" (writing history ahead of time in VRP instead of living history as it happens in Green).
Saying the Feeling, "frustrated" is Green be-here-now language. The stated Observations, "Whenever he has asked," (past tense) and, "you have let him go," (past tense) and, "each time" (past tense) are factual reality space / time statments.

Note: While stated as facts and therefore examples of Observations in Green Language, statements may be in error, accidentally or intentionally. When intentionally false (telling lies), even though stated using Green Language, the speaker is operating in the VRP mode.)

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