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         More Information Green: I feel lonely. 
VRP: I feel rejected by you. Green: I feel lonely.
Feelings are specific events in the body. The example above (rejected) is something different than a Feeling.

In this case, what is called a Feeling is really a Thought, and an actual Feeling (an emotion or a sensation) has yet to be expressed.

"I feel rejected" is an example of a person being both Persecutor and Victim simultaneously, inviting someone to enter into a drama and play the Rescuer role.
Feelings are emotions and sensations in the Green Language model.

If I Think that someone has rejected me, then I may Feel a variety of emotions (feelings) depending upon what I may Think or Want from that person.

A couple of examples: If I like the person and Want to spend time with him or her, then I may Feel sad, hurt, lonely, frightened, or even angry. If I have yet to like the person, then I may Feel pleased or relieved that he or she has chosen to spend the time elsewhere.

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