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         More Information VRP: I forgot my keys. 
VRP: I forgot my keys. Green: I remembered that my keys were inside after I locked the door.
"I forgot," "I did not remember," "I do not recall," are all VRP, because they fail to say what I do (Green) remember.

Speaking this way in VRP language ("in the Red") makes me more likely to Think of myself as a Victim and therefore deny responsibility for my own ability to behave in a way that will improve my remembering.
The Green example above acknowledges the facts of when and where (Observations) I remembered (a Thinking operation) my keys [or, e.g., home work, appointment, the birthday of someone, to mail the check, etc.], thereby enhancing my awareness of (my Thinking about) my responsiblity and therefore my capacity to effect change and behave in my own best interest.

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