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         More Information VRP: If I have to stop this car, you kids are not going to like it! 
VRP: If I have to stop this car, you kids are not going to like it! Green: Kids! When we left the house I asked you to stay on your own sides of the seat and keep your hands, legs, feet, arms, drool, and posessions to yourselves.
"Have to stop this car," is a simultaneous Victim and Persecutor statement, and telling the kids what their future "feelings" are "going to be" in the form of, "not going to like" whatever the "it" is, is VRP Persecuting also.

"IT" is what folks can remember being told as children that they were going to "get" (as in, You are going to get "IT!"): The IT is yet-to-be-known and designed to encourage "being" what in VRP language is called "good".
The Green Language here is in the listing of Observations. A more full statement might include any combination or mix of Feelings, Thoughts, and Wants.

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