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VRP: I don't want you to leave before I'm finished. Green: I want (or, "would like") you to stay with me while I put away the lawn mower.
It is VRP as a Persecutor to tell someone what "not to do" in an "I don't want you to," fashion.

A frequent inclination or reaction to such a statement is for the receiver of the message to actually do the behavior that is, "not wanted."
The Green here is saying the behavior that the speaker Wants rather than what NOT to do.

Whether a speaker chooses to say, "I want," or "I would like," depends upon one's history with another person.

For example, with one child I may say, "I'd like you to wash the dishes," and he (or she) might consider the request as optional. So, for that child I would say, "I want you to wash the dishes."

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