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         More Information VRP: I want to lose weight. 
VRP: I want to lose weight. Green: For the next twelve weeks I want to eat only a variety of fresh fruits until noon, different kinds of fresh vegetable salads free of dressing for lunch, and plain pastas and pastas with chicken for dinner.
To say that I want to "lose" weight, has as yet to say what specific, do-able action I will take to achieve my goal. "Lose," in this case is a type of "not" statement.

Rather than weight being something that is "lost" (or "found," for that matter), weight is a measurement of the physical tissue that I will grow onto my body or burn off of my body as a result of actions (swallowing and moving) that I choose to do. (This is factual reality, even though " Weight 'Loss' " advertisements abound promising "no work", "easy weight loss", or "no dieting" approaches, as Walter Cronkite used to say at the conclusion of the CBS Evening News: "That's the way it is.")
This is a "swallowing" approach to shaping myself. I also could list the specific physical activities and the frequency of those activities that I may choose to do.

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