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         More Information VRP: I do not feel trusted by you. 
VRP: I do not feel trusted by you. Green: I feel embarrased hearing you say that you believe that I lied to you.
Rather than I can "feel trusted" by someone, I can only Feel whatever emotions and/or sensations that I may actually experience, Thinking that someone may doubt me or Thinking that someone has yet to trust me.

Saying the "not" and attaching it to a "thought-called-a-feeling" is to portray myself as a Victim and the other person as a Persecutor. And in the VRP drama, I would simultaneously be the Persecutor in the effort of Rescuing myself.
If I have heard someone say that he or she Thought that I had lied, then I might Feel embarrassed (or, a few of the many other possible examples of actual Feeling words: hurt, or sad, or angry, or lonely, or afraid, or perturbed, or mournful, or brokenhearted, or frightened).

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