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         More Information VRP: There are things I just can't change. 
VRP: There are things I just can't change. Green: There are things that I believe are beyond my capacity to change.
To say that I, "just" and "can't change" something is to risk thinking of myself as a Victim, setting myself up to "Rescue" myself with an action that will actually be another round of self Persecution.

In the case of people challenging themselves to change addictive behaviors, being told what "can't" be done (even if told to oneself by oneself) can be reacted to by "trying", "just", "one more time" whatever action they have said (or heard) that they, "just can't change".
Claiming, "I believe" (a Thought, and therefore, Green) that something is beyond my capacity, is to leave room in my mind and in my heart for greater understanding.

For folks in 12 Step recovery efforts, saying that some things may be, "beyond my capacity" is to make one's Thinking more open to "Higher Power" interventions, to inspiration and healing actions (making oneself more of a participant in a growth process rather than risk thinking of oneself as a Victim awaiting Rescue).

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