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         More Information Green: I have my diet to start. 
VRP: I have to start my diet. Green: I have my diet to start.
Saying, "I have to" can keep me right where I am.

If I say (out loud or to myself), "I have to" or any other form of "should" language, I can set myself up to be a Victim, and then I may act-out two other roles by attempting to, "Rescue" myself with food and, simultaneously, "Persecute" myself weight-wise, shape-wise, and health-wise.

I would be utilizing some form of VRP self-talk to give myself permission to sabotage myself.

Here are a couple of self-talk ways I could do that to myself: "Oh, 'well', I 'really' 'don't' 'actually' 'have to' (or 'need to') start right now"; or, "I 'can' 'just' wait until tomorrow." Eating high-fat-building food will probably soon follow.
"I have my diet to start." Indeed, I do have the opportunity (in this or any Be Here Now moment) to choose to change my connection to food.

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