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         More Information VRP: I feel so invaded and vulnerable. 
VRP: I feel so invaded and vulnerable. Green: I'm afraid that since I've gotten this diagnosis there might be more bad news to come.
With the illness, I have been invaded, so to speak, and with that, I have become more vulnerable. Those are observable facts rather than feelings. To say I "feel" invaded and "feel" vulnerable is to make myself think as a victim rather than think in a way that can strengthen myself for the work to do that might restore me to health. With a life-threatening illness a majority of my mental self-protective mechanisms that can shield me from the "forces of darkness" have been assaulted. I can experience what seems to be a "peeling away" of some levels of protection for my soul/psyche regarding how I view myself and how I believe other people view me.

A war is going on inside of me, and I've yet to know who's going to win that war. A higher percentage of Green in my Thinking and my speech over "red" VRP constructions in my language will give me the advantage of using prefrontal cortex brain operations over amygdala (fight or flight) VRP reactions.

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